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It started its activity in 2006 to contribute to the country's economy and Konya's industry. It has signed many products with high experienced and technical personnel. It aims to raise this number wit

Our Company was established in 1997. It has been manufacturing mobile winches on vehicles and machines for planting new plants or pulls them out from the soil. Using the information and the developing technology we had and our experience, we have been serving among the leaders. The Company takes its power from our accumulated technologic knowledge and experience and from the relation which is shown against our productions. We had manufactured over 400 winches. They are still active and working all around Turkey. Our production is increasing with over 60 winches a year. In lifting capacity our winches reached a great capacity beginning with 9 tone/m up to 225 tone/m according to the base structure.

We have offering a qualified service to the sector with our experienced managing staff and with 45 technical personnel. We have been doing the leadership of the sector.

Our plant is in Konya, at Busan Organize Sanayi, it has got 1500 m² covered workshop and 1000 m² open area. We are in the diligence of responding the increasing demands by extending the capacity step by step in our plant. The distances and tonnages which are said difficult to reach are the happiness and the solving places for SENTEZ. Our Company which is a University and industrialist co-operation foundation has got the Quality System CE Certificate.

Our Company SENTEZ going on its way silently with honorable, determined and consistent steps has got the whole concerning subject and knowledge about our business and aims the customers’ pleasure.

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Hidrokon, the world's leading crane brand, was founded on 5 January 1993 under the leadership of Memis Kutukcu. Hidrokon, which has aim of being a pioneer in the sector, proved itself to the sector with its superior engineering from the day one. Starting its production with folded hydraulic Boom crane production, Hidrokon continued to grow steadily for the following years and expanded its product range. Nowadays, it is producing 4 types of products including folding Boom mobile crane, telescopic mobile crane, human lifting platform, and marine crane. Hidrokon, consisting of more than 900 suppliers, 9 resident services and 250 production personnel has a family of 10.000 people and it is growing it’s the family day by day. Having attached importance to personnel training, Hidrokon was also a pioneer in the creation of the Hima Engineering Academy and training of expert engineers. Having set the principle of signing the firsts in the sector, Hidrokon breaks its own record every year with the highest-scaled human lifting platform started with HK 60 TPK. We are proud to be the only company to manufacture AT4100 and Crab Walking Telescopic Mobile Crane in the country sector.
Our firm has been continued to its activities through developing and gaining experience every passing day from 500 kg capacity in 1987 to 200 tons capacity today with producing various types lifting machines and crane in 16.000 m2 indoor, 9.000 m2 outdoor areas. Our firm has been reached to its aimed phase since its establishment date through adopting exclusive staff’s team spirit at producing and service and their presented extreme effort and works. Supplying customer satisfaction is our biggest aim. Our company that aims producing quality and safe machine to meet changing needs of developing Turkey’s industry has strong technical staff and extremely flexible manufacturing capacity.

Safkan Makina was founded with the aim of producing truck mounted folding mobile cranes in Konya.
Safkan produces variety of truck mounted cranes for construction sector, emergency rescue sector, advertisement sector and automotive sector.
By viewing the pictures provided in our web page you will be able to grasp the scope of our products and it will assist you in making up your mind.

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Our Company was established in 1959 with the name Yilmaz Kardesler. It has been manufacturing hydraulic dampers and load emptying platforms. It gained stability, trust and experience since the days it was established. It also added producing over vehicle hydraulic mobile cranes to its productions.

Nowadays, gathering the experienced and efficient technical staff in mobile crane sector it began to serve with the name and mark “NIRVANA”

Nirvana was established with the partnership of Yilmaz Damper and Servet Yilmaz . Now Nirvana means an unreachable target, and it will prove this with the productions it produced for his customers.

Nirvana keeps the customers! Wishes in the first row and aims to make the best quality and economic machinery. We are trying to meet the increasing demands in the field of work machinery and in the sectors of electric and transportation etc. We also try to meet the needs of the public professional organizations and of the other sectors.

Our Company takes place in Konsan Ozel Organize Sanayi Bolgesi which is on Konya – Ankara Road, against Cement Factory. The Company has got 3600m2 covered place and 1000m2 open areas. It has got all the necessary technical equipments. The production is made by AR-GE supported computer designs. Our staff has got a great experience in manufacturing mobile cranes. There are all experts in producing cranes.

The steel sheets which are used in production are Sweden make S152-3endurance certificated materials. All the hydraulic materials are originated as top quality German and Italian materials. The production such as piston, cap, and other chipped ones are manufactured in our own plant with our powerful substructure and qualified man power. Our Company was producing 6 machinery / month later on it increased the capacity 10 machinery / month by means of new investments. Using the CNC Plasma and CNC welding robots in Turkey we are the first company which activated the first welding automation application. In addition the company has been offering CE and TSEK certificated productions